Eye-Stopping Headlines and Designs

If you want to get prospective customers excited about doing business with your company, creating eye-stopping, mind-grabbing headlines is a great way to do it! While the content of an advertisement is helpful for relaying information about your company’s products or services, it’s the headline that creates the initial relationship with the reader and entices them to read about what your company has to offer. Here are six types of headlines that will boost inquiries about your company:

1.) The problem/solution headline. Readers are looking for products and services that will make their lives easier. By writing a headline that poses a problem many readers may have and then offers the solution your company can provide, you have created a situation that will most likely encourage the reader to take a look at the remainder of your advertisement.

re you TOO BUSY to cook a hot, balanced meal for yourself or your

2.) The historical event headline. If there is something newsworthy about your product or service, things like it is the world-premiere, or a limited-time offer, it can prove to be an effective draw.

ou can have a part in a world premiere event! Our new program is about to be launched, an

3.) The testimonial. Providing a testimony from a person that has used your product or service encourages prospective customers to think, “If it worked for him, it can work for me, too!”

 have used the STYLE-O-MATIC for three months now, and my hair has never

4.) Product claims. Include statistics and percentages in your headline to increase a product’s credibility. It is important to credit the source of the information you use because it gives your prospective customers peace of mind about using your product. Even if the source is not well-known by the public, it should be included.

INE out of TEN veterinarians agree that our flea and tick collar is the most e

5.) Outrageous statements. The purpose of writing a headline is to provoke curiosity in your readers – making an outrageous statement relating to your product or service will almost force your readers to see what you have to say.

hildren fed a diet of candy are BETTER LEARNERS.

6.) Questions. Posing a question to your readers allows them to take an active role in your advertisement. The key is asking a question that most people will feel compelled to answer because it is relevant to their lives. People will naturally want to know what their answer to the question has to do with your products or services, and will continue reading your ad to discover what your company can do for them.

oes the end of your work day mean the beginning of housework?

Headlines are a key component to successful advertising. Creating intriguing headlines will revolutionize your advertising and will have a great affect on your company’s success.