White PVC Rigid Sign

Our plastic (PVC) signs are the perfect combination of performance, affordability, and versatility. Designed to be durable enough to be used outdoors, yet an affordable alternative to our more rigid signs, these signs can last for years with the proper care and storage. Fabricated from naturally-occurring plastic compounds, these matte finish signs can be used for interior or exterior applications as directional signage, architectural signage, real estate signage, trade show signage, giant checks and more.

Contour Cut Available: Call for details – Plastic (PVC) signs are great for mounting against a wall, hanging outside a storefront, and a variety of other display options. Our plastic signs can be contour cut to virtually any shape, be single or double sided, are eco-friendly and recyclable, and are best suited for larger signs and fonts.

Our 3mm (1/8 inch) White PVC Rigid Sign do more for your business, all without an emptying your pockets. We all want more for the dollar, any smart shopper will tell you that, and that is the reason of this being the most popular sign products.

Dimensions 12 × .125 × 12 in