A-Frame 24″ x 36″

FREESTANDING A-FRAMES: Freestanding A-frames & Sidewalk Signs are an affordable and effective and printed on both sides, there is no better way to attract people to your business. Supremely portable, they can be taken indoors at the end of the day or quickly repositioned at any time as needed. Felt’s Printing & Signs has a wide variety of Sign Frames in stock to meet your needs, and our outdoor freestanding signs are constructed of durable plastic or metal that can survive most weather conditions. we have three popular sizes to choose from, A-Frame 17.5” x 24”, A-Frame24″ x 24″ and A-Frame 24″ x 36”.


VIVID A-FRAME SIGN: Can be used to advertise along the roadside, while colorful Sidewalk Signs are effective in capturing the attention of people on foot. Restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, bars. Sidewalk advertising campaigns can be used to announce sales offers, promote daily meal specials, and convey any message retailers wish to advertise. Best of all, our freestanding signs and A-Frames have large display areas to ensure that your message will be prominently displayed.

PRINTING & BLEED AREA: We print on a 4mm Coroplast 1 sided. The advantage of this A-frame is that the Coroplast insert can be removed and a new piece put in, giving the A-frame much longer life.

The printable area for the A-Frame 17.5” x 24” A-frame is 18.24” x 24.24” this includes a .24” bleed all around.  The A-Frame 24” x 24” A-frame printable area is 24.25” x 24.25” this would include the bleed area. The 24” x 36” A-Frame printable area is 24.25” x 36.25” this includes the bleed.

NEED HELP IN GRAPHIC DESIGN: Contact us and someone will be happy to assist you. Call 510.487.5679 M-F 9:00 am – 5:00 pm pst.

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 4 in

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