2 Part Carbonless Forms 8.5″ x 14″

MULTIPART CARBONLESS  FORMS (NCR):  Are used everywhere in business, where a copy of the original form must be kept. Individual sets can come as 2, 3 or even 4 parts depending upon the usage. In a carbonless form set, the top sheet is typically printed onto white stock paper, with subsequent sheets of varying colors beneath


COLORS INKS: (4/0) “4” = Any 1 Color to Full Color “0” = No Color Example: if the form’s front is All or part Blue ink, it is the same as Full Color.


APPLICATIONS:  Invoices, Packing Slips, Job Estimates, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Medical Forms, Credit Applications, Contracts, Receipts, Agreements, Statements and more..
SIZE:  Finish Size: Legal Page, 8.5×14 inch. Sorry NO Bleeds allowed.


Artwork Size Example: 8.5×14 inch with need a 3/8″ (0.375″) white border all around.


NCR PAPER: (Sorry, Color Sequence Cannot be Changed).
• 2 Part NCR color sequence (White/Canary)


NUMBERING: NOTE: (Please put your starting number after checking out in the “Comment Area”). Otherwise the starting number will begin with 000001.
EDGE to be GLUE:   We can glue the edge of the parts of the forms so that all the parts of 1 form will stay together. You can tear off one part and hand it out, where the other part (s) remains with you.
FINISHING OPTIONS:  We have various finishing options for the printed forms.
NEED HELP IN GRAPHIC DESIGN: Contact us and someone will be happy to assist you. Call 510.487.5679 M-F 9:00 am – 5:00 pm pst.
Dimensions 14 × 8.5 × 2.25 in