large Format Posters

Our wide inventory includes HP printer, Canon Digital Presses and Roland Large Flatbed. When you need help with large format blueprint printing or posters services, our team is ready to help you.

Whether you are building or renovating a property, your contractor always prefers to rely on a set of blueprints. After all, they form the basis for any architectural design. A high definition blueprint, with its large size, helps engineers and architects share their ideas with clients and contractors. Its low printing cost only makes it more attractive when a higher volume of prints are required. This is precisely why blueprints must be meticulously detailed and carefully prepared. Connecting with a professional printer will help you get better quality blueprints. Below is a list of all the details you need to know about blueprint printing that will make your trip to the printer a bit easier.

  1. Paper: 80 lb. gloss papers are excellent to used for poster printing, and it is suitable for both black and white and color printing.
  2. Sizes: Posters can be printed on one side and sizes starting from 18” x 24” through 60” x 100” you choose the size.
Dimensions 50 × 3 × 50 in

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