Acrylic Prints 1/8″ Thick


Turn your Art and Photos into Beautiful Acrylic Prints

Do you want to give your print that WOW LOOK that will add a 3-D effect to your image? Are you ready to amaze everybody with the high-resolution color printing that is unique to acrylic paints? Then what are you waiting for?

At Felt’s Printing & Signs we give Attention in the Details!

We offer the highest quality print results with immaculate attention to detail, ensuring that every image comes with a spectacular print that will wow your viewers!

We take your artwork and imprint it as a mirror image directly on the back of an acrylic sheet. High concentration UV inks are used, and we make sure that the print is at a 1400 DPI for high-resolution color printing. The acrylic printing is then processed with a white coating to give it a canvas effect and to preserve it for a long time.


Do you want to impress everyone with your great images? Want the prints to do full justice to your photography talent? Do you want the spectacular effect to simply amaze anyone and everyone with the print results? Then acrylic photo printing is definitely what you need to make a long-lasting and striking effect!

Acrylic prints offer the chance to explore the unlimited possibilities and utilize your creativity to enjoy spectacular image print results which are sure to be the talk of your friend and family circle. Add color to a boring room or office lobby with a high-resolution acrylic print!

An acrylic print symbolizes the modern take on artwork, and you can experiment with it all you want! We offer standard print size that reaches up to 4”x”4 to 48”x96. Need custom prints? No problem we can also accommodate any custom requirements you might have for the acrylic print of your choice!


Dimensions 12 × .125 × 12 in