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We are always talking about building trust with customers because I think it is the single most important factor in a customer’s decision to call for your services.  By simply displaying your company information on your vehicle, it helps demonstrate that you are serious and established.  You are showing your customer that this is what you do and you take it seriously.  A well branded truck will help a customer to trust that you will do good work for them.

When a random stranger sees your branded work vehicle, they will almost always assume you know more than they do. They are more likely to respect your knowledge and listen to what you have to say.  The more authority you have, the more you can influence others.  Possessing influence helps you sell and just feels good.

Now that you understand the many benefits, it is time to get to work.

Step #1 – Define a goal and message.

What are you trying to achieve?  Are you trying to gain new customers while driving down the highway?  Are you trying to drive traffic to your website?  Or are you just trying to look more professional or established when you pull up to a customer’s home?

If you are looking to gain new customers, then I recommend going big with your lettering.  Ideally, a customer would be able to read the word “handyman” and your phone number from at least a hundred yards away.  You need to get their attention and do not forget to compel them to call you.

If you just want to look more pro to existing customers, some vinyl decals on the driver and passenger doors will do the trick just fine.  In this case, you may be just trying to separate yourself from the weekend handyman without driving around a gigantic advertisement.


Step #2 – Choose the content that best describes you services.

There is no right answer when it comes to putting your company info on your truck.  I’ve seen people with just a name and website, and I’ve seen others with their name, logo, phone number, website, and a list of services.If you’re goal is to generate new business, the most important thing is to clearly say what you do and how to contact you.  If you are handyman, the word handyman better be big and in the customers face, especially if it’s not in your company name.  It needs to be very obvious what you do and how to contact you.

Step #4 – Layout the Design

If you have Adobe photoshop or a similar photo editing program, you can do this step yourself.  However, if you are planning on doing something advanced, I’d recommend having a professional do it, this is where we can help. Our prices for graphic design are sure to meet your budget, so give us a call at 510.487.5679 and someone will be happy to assist you.